Addiction/Dependency Education

Addiction and dependency are linked with the thought processes, and thought patterns, incorrectly established in the mind of an individual. Some of these processes are established early in life, but they also may come about because of long-term dysfunctions, of which addiction and dependency to substances, is one. The best way to help an individual overcome substance misuse is for them to understand the effects of drugs and alcohol on their brain and their body, and how to heal from them. The Counseling Center provides addiction/dependency education to help our clients recognize symptoms in their own behavior, and teach them proven techniques to re-program the way they think, and equip them with resources available for support. Understandably, undoing patterns that go back many years doesn’t happen in a day, a week, or even a few months; it takes awareness and repeated practice, but in the end, the mind is always capable of dominance over the cravings of the body, and this is the ultimate goal of the combined education and therapies provided at The Counseling Center. Awareness and education are the key to being an involved participant in your own recovery. When individuals understand the workings of their mind and their body, they are better able to identify substances to keep away. Knowing the internal and external resources they can count on in a moment of hesitation, will reinforce their long-term commitment to sobriety.