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George Eliot, Author

We think George Eliot would have appreciated our Intensive Outpatient Program

Freehold Substance Abuse Counseling Profiled in Asbury Park Press

Asbury Park Press highlights the new Intensive Outpatient Program at Freehold.

Anthony Polito, Mike Karl, and Donna Bonk received positive support this week in a profile published in the Asbury Park Press. The "APP" included a photo of them with Freehold committeeman Robert McGirr, committeewoman Barbara J. McMorro, and Freehold Township Mayor Anthony J. Amiano celebrating the grand opening of The Counseling Center of Freehold.

Highlighted was the Intensive Outpatient program, which "combines evidence-based, state-of-the-art treatment with 12-Step principles in cognitive behavioral therapies. It is an intense, focused experience designed to enable sober and productive living." 

Mike Karl, Director of Operations, summed up the mission of The Counseling Center at Freehold nicely, when he highlighted the community service focus:

“The key to our success is helping people who truly want to be helped. The people we serve come here voluntarily, with open hearts and minds, who truly want to be here and truly want our help.” 

Intensive Outpatient Therapy is intended to provide a safe and professional environment for the important counseling needed after initial medical treatment for chemical or alcohol dependency, such as dependency on prescription painkillers like Oxycontin and Opana, or anxiety medications like Xanax. Participants can maintain productive work, school, or family schedules while participating in group counseling, with access to professional counselors and trained professionals.

by The Counseling Center on Jan. 10, 2013, 9:16 p.m. archive