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National Drug Take-Back Day - Monmouth, Ocean Counties New Jersey

It's not Thanksgiving yet, but if you have leftovers (prescription drug leftovers), please participate in a local National Drug Take-Back Day event.

7th Annual National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day - Saturday Oct. 26, 2013

We’re excited to spread the word that on Saturday, Oct. 26,  National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day will be sponsored by over 30 locations in Monmouth County. From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., residents of Freehold, Belmar and other cities in Monmouth County will be able to anonymously drop off their excess prescription and over-the-counter medications at these collection sites.

The purpose behind National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day is to promote the safe disposal of medications. Unused medications can be a temptation to anyone with a drug problem, and a potential hazard for children, animals, and individuals experiencing difficult circumstances.

Disposing of medications by flushing them down the drain puts dangerous chemicals into our water system. Since many prescription drugs are controlled substances, they must be responsibly managed, even when no longer needed.

What do YOU do with your expired or un-needed leftover prescription drugs?

The main Monmouth County drop-off location is the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office at 50 E. Main St. in Freehold. Freehold residents can also make drop-offs at the Freehold Police Department, Raceway Mall, the Freehold Borough Police Department and Michael J. Tighe Park.

Keansburg residents can make drop-offs at the Keansburg Police Department, McGrath Towers, Grandville Towers and Fallon Manor.

To find the location nearest you, please consult the list below.

Drug Take Back Locations:

Aberdeen: 732-566-2054
Aberdeen Police Department, Aberdeen Twp. Municipal Building, 1 Aberdeen Square, Aberdeen, NJ : 732-566-2054

Allenhurst: 732-531-2255
Allenhurst Police Department, Allenhurst Police Department, 125 Corlies Avenue, Allenhurst, NJ : 732-531-2255

Asbury Park: Atlantic Highlands Police Department
Asbury Park Police Department, 1 Municipal Plaza, Atlantic Highlands Police Dept., Asbury Park, NJ : Atlantic Highlands Police Department

Atlantic Highlands: 732-291-1212
Atlantic Highlands Police Department, Atlantic Highlands Police Dept., 100 First Ave., Atlantic Highlands, NJ : 732-291-1212

Avon by the Sea: 732-502-4500
Avon By The Sea Police Department, Avon Police Department, 301 Main St., Avon by the Sea, NJ : 732-502-4500

Belmar: 732-681-1700
Belmar Police Department, Belmar Police Department, 601 Main St., Belmar, NJ : 732-681-1700

Belmar: 732-449-4500
Wall Twp. Police Department, Wall Twp. Police Department, 2700 Allare Road, Belmar, NJ : 732-449-4500

Bradley Beach: 732-775-6900
Bradley Beach Police Department, Bradley Beach Police Department, 701 Main Street, Bradley Beach, NJ : 732-775-6900

Deal: 732-531-1113
Deal Police Department, Deal Fire House, 190 Norwood Ave., Deal, NJ : 732-531-1113

Eatontown: 732-542-0100
Eatontown Police Department, Eatontown Police Department, 47 Broad St., Eatontown, NJ : 732-542-0100

Englishtown: 732-446-7001
Englishtown Police Department, Englishtown Borough Municipal Building, 15 Main Street, Englishtown, NJ : 732-446-7001

Fair Haven: 732-747-0991
Fair Haven Police Department, Fair Haven Police Department, 35 Fisk St., Fair Haven, NJ : 732-747-0991

Freehold: 732-294-5143
Freehold Twp. Police Department, Freehold Police Department, 1 Municipal Plaza, Freehold, NJ : 732-294-5143

Freehold: 732-577-6613
Monmouth County Sheriff'S Office, Monmouth County Sheriff'S Office, 50 E. Main Street, Freehold, NJ : 732-577-6613

Freehold: 732-294-5143
Freehold Twp. Police Department, Freehold Raceway Mall - Carousel Entrance, 3710 Rt. 9 South, Freehold, NJ : 732-294-5143

Freehold: 732-294-5143
Freehold Twp. Police Department, Michael J. Tighe Park, 65 Georgia Road, Freehold, NJ : 732-294-5143

Freehold: 732-462-1234
Freehold Borough Police Department, Freehold Borough Police Department, 36 Jackson St., Freehold, NJ : 732-462-1234

Holmdel: 732-946-4400
Holmdel Twp. Police Department, Holmdel Twp. Police Department, 4 Crawfords Corner Road, Holmdel, NJ : 732-946-4400

Howell: 732-938-4500 Ext. 4012
Howell Twp. Police Department, Howell Twp. Police Department, 4567 Rt. 9 North, Howell, NJ : 732-938-4500 Ext. 4012

Keansburg: Between The Hours Of 10 Am - 1 Pm And 1:45 Pm - 2 Pm
Keansburg Police Department, Keansburg Police Department, 21 Church St.(Rear Of Building), Keansburg, NJ : Between The Hours Of 10 Am - 1 Pm And 1:45 Pm - 2 Pm

Keansburg: Between The Hours Of 1:30 Pm - 1:45 Pm; 732-787-0600
Keansburg Police Department, Mcgrath Towers, 25 Hancock St., Keansburg, NJ : Between The Hours Of 1:30 Pm - 1:45 Pm; 732-787-0600

Keansburg: Between The Hours Of 1:15 Pm - 1:30 Pm; 732-787-0600
Keansburg Police Department, Grandville Towers, 1 Church St., Keansburg, NJ : Between The Hours Of 1:15 Pm - 1:30 Pm; 732-787-0600

Keansbug: Between The Hours Of 1:00 Pm - 1:15 Pm; 732-787-0600
Keansburg Police Department, Fallon Manor, 43 Church St., Keansbug, NJ : Between The Hours Of 1:00 Pm - 1:15 Pm; 732-787-0600

Keyport: 732-264-0706
Keyport Police Department, Keyport Police Department, 70 West Front St., Keyport, NJ : 732-264-0706

Little Silver: 732-747-5900
Little Silver Police Department, Little Silver Borough Hall, 480 Prospect Ave., Little Silver, NJ : 732-747-5900

Long Branch: 732-222-1000
Long Branch Police Department, Long Branch Senior Center, 85 Second Ave., Long Branch, NJ : 732-222-1000

Manalapan: 732-446-4300
Manalapan Twp. Police Department, Manalapan Twp. Police Department, 120 Country Rt. 522, Manalapan, NJ : 732-446-4300

Manasquan: 732-223-1000
Manasquan Police Department, Manasquan Police Department, 201 E. Main St., Manasquan, NJ : 732-223-1000

Monmouth Beach: 732-229-1313
Monmouth Beach Police Department, Monmouth Beach Police Department, 14 Willow Ave., Monmouth Beach, NJ : 732-229-1313

Neptune: 732-988-8000 Ext. 428
Neptune Twp. Police Department, Neptune Twp. Police Department, 25 Neptune Blvd., Neptune, NJ : 732-988-8000 Ext. 428

Neptune City: 732-775-1615
Neptune City Police Department, Neptune City Police Department, 106 West Sylvania Ave., Neptune City, NJ : 732-775-1615

Red Bank: 732-530-2700
Red Bank Police Department, Red Bank Police Department, 90 Monmouth St., Red Bank, NJ : 732-530-2700

Rumson: 732-842-0500
Rumson Police Department, Rumson Police Department, 80 E River Rd., Rumson, NJ : 732-842-0500

Shrewsbury: 732-741-2500
Shrewsbury Borough Police Department, Shrewsbury Borough Police Department, 419 Sycamore Ave., Shrewsbury, NJ : 732-741-2500

Spring Lake: 732-449-1234
Spring Lake Borough Police Department, Spring Lake Police Department, 311 Washington Ave., Spring Lake, NJ : 732-449-1234

West Long Branch: 732-571-4444
Monmouth University Police Department, Monmouth University Police Department, 400 Cedar Ave., West Long Branch, NJ : 732-571-4444

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