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Steered Straight Benefit in Freehold

"Steered Straight" founder Mike DeLeon visits The Counseling Center at Freehold, and presents a workshop.

Last Friday evening I had the privilege of representing The Counseling Center at the awesome Steered Straight fund raising event at the American Hotel here in Freehold. It was a high energy, joyous event with great food, music, a huge silent auction and a 50/50 raffle. There were a number of presentations by youth groups sponsored by this powerful program that just left me in awe of what they are accomplishing. Where lectures have failed, Steered Straight and their signature “Stay in Your Lane” programs have been successful in reaching our youth. Kids not only listen to their messages, they embrace them, and in doing so often change the direction of their lives.

I got a preview of what we will be offering the public at our upcoming Celebration of Recovery next Tuesday evening. Mike DeLeon, President and Founder of Steered Straight, will be speaking at our Celebration of Recovery monthly event at The Counseling Center’s offices. I would encourage anyone… parent, student, community member or educator to join us. Mike has traveled to schools all over the state and on national TV with his “Stay in your lane” programs. Mike has long been a very active supporter of legislation mandating the presence of Substance Awareness Coordinators in our schools. Steered Straight’s mission is to promote positive life-choices and raise awareness of the life consequences of decisions our youths make about drugs, alcohol, bullying, gangs and other negative influences. We will be telling you more about Mike and his great organization in our September Newsletter!

by Certified Counselor on June 17, 2013, noon archive