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Anger Management [250 words keywords: anger management]

The positive and negative emotions of human existence are inescapable, however sometimes these emotions become overwhelming and get the better of us. One of these emotions that some tend to struggle with is anger. Addiction and substance abuse are closely connected with anger, as triggers, and as results of negative behavior. Where some might get sad and wallow in pity, those with anger issues tend to fly into a rage at the slightest upset, causing their lives to be stressful and to hurt those around them. There is a remedy for those seeking a positive outcome for their situation, and that is to seek Anger Management therapy.

The Counseling Center offers Anger Management counseling that educates individuals on handling their feelings of anger when the emotion wells up, by using techniques that identify the source of that anger. Anger management will teach you helpful tips and tricks to calm yourself down and find peace, before resorting to anger and violence to resolve a conflict. Anger Management also aids in helping you identify the environmental, mental, and conversational triggers that make you feel anger, and recognize these triggers and control the situation before it escalates. Anger Management therapy lasts 3 months, making it a short-term treatment with exceptional results. Don’t suffer with emotional outbursts alone; take the first step and find help at The Counseling Center. Anger management is not something to be ashamed of, but rather something to accept whole-heartedly and look forward to learning more about what makes you, you!

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