Individual, Marital, Couples, and Group counseling

When a person had made the decision to quit the use of alcohol and drugs, there are many aspects of the addiction, which will surface. These include physical symptoms associated with withdrawals, which can range from mild to severe, requiring a higher level of attention, and medical care to prevent any complications. After this initial phase, a recovering individual must undo the mental and physical damage caused by alcohol and drug addiction. This involves changing the way their mind processes information, or thinks. One-on-one counseling and group counseling are the primary methods used in the re-programming of self. However where it concerns addiction, the individual is not the only one who struggles with a deteriorating situation. Spouses, partners, parents, children and siblings of a person with substance use disorder also suffer, and more times than not, end up taking roles within the family unit, that affects them psychologically, and physically. The stress caused by these situations often result in triggers that cause relapses, and in turn continue to aggravate the family and the community.  The Counseling Center provides counseling that treats individuals, couples, spouses, and families through a variety of evidence backed methods, that will restore understanding and communication, and will help guide families out of the darkness caused by addiction, and into the light of recovery. Everyone has a proper role to assume in the family unit, and we help you identify and establish this for a happier family life.