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Warning : Heroin disguised as oxycodone tablets

New Jersey Police are warning everyone they found heroin pressed into tablet form, and labeled like oxycodone. PLease see the pictures and help raise awareness.

From a warning issued in New Jersey, about fake oxycodone pills that are actually heroin:

Forensic drug analysis has confirmed the first known instance of heroin in tablet form in New Jersey. The photo below on the left shows the seized heroin tablets disguised as Oxycodone. The photo below on the right shows an actual Oxycodone tablet in a 30mg dosage. These counterfeit prescription drugs could lead to more opiate overdoses within your jurisdiction.

Jason at The Counseling Center at Fair Lawn, NJ posted photos of the counterfeit oxycodone tablets, with a comparison photo of real 30 mg oxycodone tablets, and a copy of the law enforcement alert with full details.

by The Counseling Center on Aug. 5, 2014, 4:28 p.m. archive


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