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"It's never too late to be what you might have been"

George Eliot, Author

We think George Eliot would have appreciated our Intensive Outpatient Program

Who Deserves a Second Chance?

The Counseling Center is thrilled to have our own Robert Anderson profiled in Westchester Magazine's "Second Chances" feature.

Substance abuse treatment is about second chances. And third chances. And still more chances, delivered until the message sticks, and the professional help and community support come together in a framework that can support an individual's recovery challenges.

So when Westchester Magazine approached The Counseling Center for help with a feature they are doing on "Second Chances", we were anxious to help.

Editors at Westchester Magazine wanted to explore the lives of individuals who had been given a "second chance" which had made a difference in their lives. Perhaps the counselors and leadership of The Counseling Center could help identify someone to profile?

We Know about Second Chances

We know about second chances. We know about hope that exists even under the most dire circumstances, for those seeking help with substance abuse and addiction. We know that treatment can work, and we know that treatment takes time and effort, patience and determination.

Westchester Magazine photographer on location in
Yorktown Heights, to photograph Rob Anderson
for an upcoming "Second Chances" feature.

Hope under Fire

Substance abuse is an individual issue, that impacts an entire community. Each individual faces different, often unique challenges that can both lead to substance abuse and come from substance abuse. Some will engage with drugs and alcohol as a consequence of life's challenges, while others will suffer challenges as a consequence of use and abuse. And usually, the factors supporting substance abuse and addiction are all mixed together. There is no such thing as failure in treatment, because treatment is ongoing, for everyone in recovery.

Of course we can highlight cases where a "second chance" led to success in life. In fact, we could point to one particular role model right in Westchester County - our own Rob Anderson, former Clinical Director and current Executive Director of The Counseling Center at Yorktown Heights.

A Role Model for Second Chances

This month Westchester Magazine's Carol Caffin interviewed Rob Anderson for the "Second Chances" feature. Rob is a veteran of the treatment industry, but is also a veteran of the same addiction battles that challenge the individuals and families we serve at The Counseling Center every day. 

In the not-yet-published interview, Rob explains how he grew up surrounded by challenges. He tells of how he overcame them in his own way as he rose up to be successful in business. He will also reveal how his life became a roller coaster ride of highs and lows, often surrounded by substance abuse, addiction, and all of the trimmings that come with that lifestyle. Rob will relate what finally "clicked" with him after many tries at treatment and recovery, and how he leverages that experience to help others through the Intensive Outpatient Program at The Counseling Center.

Now 20 years sober in his own recovery, Rob is a true role model for recovery. He now lives his life sharing his message of hope for "second chances" with all who will listen.  We look forward to seeing Rob Anderson profiled in Westchester Magazine, and the impact it will have on those who see his message in his story.

Intensive Outpatient Therapy in Local Communities Treatment Centers in New Jersey and New York

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) at The Counseling Center, administered through 5 local outpatient substance abuse treatment centers in Toms River, Clark, Fair Lawn, Freehold, and Yorktown Heights, New York was developed to help individuals and their families find a way to recover from addiction disorders, by engaging with a variety of the latest treatment protocols, combined with proven clinical practices and outstanding professional care.

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