Intensive Outpatient Program


Intensive Outpatient Program

The Intensive Outpatient Program offered by The Counseling Center is a focused treatment that addresses drug addiction, alcoholism, and mental health disorders for adults seeking a fulfilling and productive life. At The Counseling Center, we use the latest, evidence-based concepts and technologies developed to treat addiction, substance abuse, and/or mental health.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment, also known as IOP, for “Intensive Outpatient Program,” is the primary treatment program recommended for qualifying individuals who don’t need an inpatient stay and can responsibly control other aspects of their lives. The eligibility for IOP is determined at the initial clinical and medical assessments. This part-time outpatient treatment is also recommended for people who have successfully completed an in-house treatment program (rehab) and want to reinforce their recovery therapies. In such cases, the outpatient schedule is designed to accommodate the individual’s responsibilities of work, school, and family life. The outpatient treatment services are provided through 3x weekly group therapy, in small groups of 15 or less people, and once a week with an individual therapist assigned to work with you throughout your treatment at The Counseling Center. There are many topics covered in our outpatient program, but everyone is introduced to the following areas:


  •         Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome or PAWS
  •         Relapse Prevention Skills
  •         How to Manage Urges and Cravings
  •         Understanding the Brain Chemistry of Addiction
  •         Progression of the Disease of Addiction
  •         Introduction to the Twelve Steps
  •         Spirituality Stages of Change


  •         Identifying Co-Occurring Disorders and the Effects on Addiction and Recovery
  •         Family Education Program
  •         Addiction/Abuse Education
  •         Depression/Anxiety Education
  •         Anger/Stress Management
  •         Life Transitions Education
  •         Self-Discovery Education
  •         Co-Dependency Education

The schedule of the outpatient treatment program is designed for individuals who want to rid themselves of the grip of drug and alcohol addiction or the pain and suffering that can go with a mental health disorder for good but have personal commitments and responsibilities and can’t be away for the length of time required of a residential treatment program.

With our IOP, an individual can establish a foundation for long-term recovery and total freedom from drugs, alcohol, and other substances. In addition, our IOP treatment schedule provides the patient with the psychological support of structure – identified as a lacking factor that may lead to the instability associated with drug and alcohol use. When following a daily schedule, individuals develop a pattern that becomes habitual. These habits can include nutrition, hygiene, productive and enjoyable activities, and relaxing activities. As a result, unexpected situations become fewer, and the patient learns to handle them without pressure or anxiety.

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