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About our services

The Counseling Center provides all the services necessary for a person who wishes to end drug or alcohol dependency and treat mental health disorders. We stay with our clients from their initial assessment and evaluation through medical treatment and behavioral therapies to after-care and beyond, guiding them on their journey to long-term recovery. Our medical treatments and therapies are administered by licensed clinical professionals experienced in all the aspects of drug or alcohol addiction and mental illness. Our team understands everyone is different and requires a personalized protocol that uses proven methods to give each individual the best chance of recovery.


While enrolled with The Counseling Center, clients’ treatment is individualized, and they participate in individual, group, and family counseling sessions. We aim to educate families on substance abuse and mental illness while helping rebuild trust and develop positive communication. Support in early recovery is critical to the individual’s success long term. Each client is treated with dignity and respect throughout their treatment at The Counseling Center; our goal is to build each person to their true potential.  


Intensive Outpatient Program
Treatment focused on addressing drug addiction, alcoholism, and mental health disorders for adults seeking a substance-free, fulfilling, and productive life.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)            A treatment process using medications to help individuals alleviate cravings, making it easier to get a strong base of sobriety, without relapse.

Mental Health IOP
Determined following a clinical and medical assessment, this program offers a non-residential treatment solution for clients struggling to cope with mental illness.

Partial Hospitalization
The most intensive treatment service The Counseling Center provides is the partial hospitalization program, or PHP, which is the highest level of outpatient treatment care for patients entering recovery.


Primary Care

“A client entering our recovery programs will receive an in-depth assessment before starting treatment for the first time. Initial assessments take 90 minutes to complete and cover all areas of the client’s life; this assessment will help us develop an individualized treatment plan to move forward. The assessment will include an examination of the client’s mental health history or substance use history, family dynamics, prescribed medications, overall physical health, and other pertinent information that will be helpful.”



Phase 2 is when the treatment begins, both for substance use and mental health disorders such as high anxiety, insomnia, and depression, through individual counseling, family and group therapies, and may include medically assisted treatment depending on the specific needs of the client. A structured intensive outpatient program (IOP) and other specialized therapies are the prevalent modes of care during this phase of treatment, where a client receives therapy during the day but goes home in the evening.


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