Individualized addiction treatment starts with our dedicated team of experienced professionals. The recovery treatment provided by The Counseling Center is delivered by professional clinicians, consultants and support staff who attend to our client’s needs. Meet the recovery team.

Marc Wurgaft

Executive Director

A New Jersey native, Marc Wurgaft is a graduate of The Wurzweiler School of Social Work. He began his career in social services as a psychotherapist with the Brooklyn Center for Psychotherapy, in Brooklyn, New York, where he assumed the role of Associate Clinical Director before leading the New Directions Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Treatment Program, as Director.

During his 18 year tenure with New Directions, Mr. Wurgaft served the Crown Heights/Bedford Stuyvesant community working with Interfaith Hospital, the Bedford Stuyvesant Crown Heights Community Coalition for Research and Planning, and the Brooklyn Hospital.

Mr. Wurgaft returned to New Jersey to develop a Department of Addiction Services for Youth Consultation Services (YCS) of Newark, which evolved into The Dr. Helen May Strauss Clinics of YCS. Mr. Wurgaft served as Director of the Dr. Helen May Strauss Clinics until 2013, when he joined The Counseling Center, to bring a modern Intensive Outpatient (IOP) program to Bergen County, NJ.

Alicia Jennings

Executive Director

Executive Director, Alicia Jennings, started her career as a social worker with a passion for treating psychiatric and mental health disorders. However, seeing the rise in co-occurring disorders, she shifted her focus on the growing need for simultaneous treatment of substance abuse and mental health disorders.

Alicia earned a bachelor’s degree in social work from Ramapo College and a master’s degree in Social Work from Rutgers University. As Executive Director, she supervises the clinical staff and case management. Alicia’s goal is to provide a safe and open environment and to be a trusted step in the journey to recovery.

“My biggest motivation is helping people who want to change their lives for the better, and my biggest fulfillment is to see them reach and maintain recovery.”

Kristie Ashe

Clinical Supervisor

A 20+ year veteran working in substance abuse and mental health treatment, Clinical Supervisor and Director of Mental Health Treatment Programming, Kristie Ashe, earned her bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Trinity College of Vermont and a master’s degree in Social Work from Our Lady of the Lake University.

As the Director of Mental Health Treatment Programming, Kristie facilitates both the individual and group sessions. These groups are for clients who are dealing with increased symptoms such as severe depression, anxiety, trauma, and substance abuse as it relates to self-medicating. By providing psychoeducation and an increase to self-awareness, she gives this unique population a chance to cope with their disease and live a happy and productive life.

“My career as a clinical mental health and addiction counselor is one of the most fulfilling joys in my life – I believe helping people who want to overcome addiction, by training and educating them on the proper economy of self-awareness, is the most rewarding experience a person can achieve; and the reason why I chose this profession” .”

Richard Naimoli

Alumni Coordinator

Originally from Toms River, NJ, Richard Naimoli, Alumni Coordinator, is a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (CPRS). Richard has personal experience with addiction and recovery, and as such, exudes compassion and understanding for those that are struggling to get sober or even maintain their sobriety. As the Alumni Coordinator, Richard oversees The Counseling Centers Post-Discharge Wellness Program. He is available 24/7 to ensure the continued safety and healthy lifestyle even after our client’s discharge.

Tom Roskin

Community outreach

Tom Roskin grew up in Roslyn, NY and graduated from Syracuse University (Bachelor of Arts). His work as Outreach Coordinator for The Counseling Center allows him to communicate with people all over New Jersey and New York, helping connect providers to the individuals seeking help and the resources they need to improve their lives.

Tom grew up in a family of caregivers, including professionals dedicated to providing mental and physical support to individuals seeking to overcome the disease of addiction. As a student, he developed insights into how different professional and clinical roles collaborate in the community of care and recovery. He now enjoys meeting new people in the Continuum of Care, and building the professional relationships that lead to successful recovery for clients of The Counseling Center across New Jersey and New York.

Contact Tom Roskin at (732) 810-0201

Professional and Dedicated Clinicians

The backbone of The Counseling Center is its dedicated team of medical professionals. Our staff members have a reputation in each of their field, earned by their success in helping clients who want to overcome addiction, change and replace their destructive behavior to reach, and maintain long-term recovery.

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